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Sensible money library
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Sensible money library

Named after SpaceQuest money.

Scala library providing Money Type safe DLS, exchange rate conversion with Dates with support for external services calls, easy money arithmetic and more.



To use Buckazoid in your SBT project add the following dependency to your build.

"com.vatbox"  %% "buckazoid"  % "LATEST_VERSION"

Where you replace LATEST_VERSION with the version shown in this image: Latest released version

To use Buckazoid in your Maven / Gradle project look at the bintray repository


scala> import
       import java.time.Instant
       import scala.concurrent._
       import scala.concurrent.duration._

scala> USD(10)
res0:[] = 10 USD

scala> EUR(50)
res1:[] = 50 EUR

scala> 5(USD) + 10(USD) * 2 + USD(20) + Money(5, USD)
res2:[] = 50 USD

scala> implicit object ExchangeRateDemo extends ExchangeRate {
         override def convert(base: Currency {type Key <: Currency.Key}, counter: Currency {type Key <: Currency.Key}, amount: BigDecimal, exchangeDate: Instant): Future[BigDecimal] = {
           (base, counter) match {
             case (f, b) if f == b  Future.successful { amount }
             case (ILS, USD)  convert(USD, ILS, 1, exchangeDate) map (1 / _ * amount)
             case (USD, ILS)  Future.successful { 5 * amount }
             case (ILS, EUR)  convert(EUR, ILS, 1, exchangeDate) map (1 / _ * amount)
             case (EUR, ILS)  Future.successful { 10 * amount }
             case (EUR, USD)  convert(EUR, ILS, 1, exchangeDate) flatMap {ratio  convert(ILS, USD, ratio * amount, exchangeDate)}
             case (USD, EUR)  convert(USD, ILS, 1, exchangeDate) flatMap {ratio  convert(ILS, EUR, ratio * amount, exchangeDate)}
             case (Currency("TST",_,_,_,_,_,_), USD)  Future.successful { 99 * amount }
             case (USD, Currency("TST",_,_,_,_,_,_))  convert(Currency("TST"), USD, 1, exchangeDate) map (1 / _ * amount)
             case _  Future.failed {
               ExchangeRateException(s"Fail to convert $base to $counter")
defined object ExchangeRateDemo

scala> val total = EUR(5) + USD(10) + ILS(20) at
total: scala.concurrent.Future[[]] = Future(<not completed>)
total foreach println
12.0 EUR

scala> EUR(5) + USD(10) + ILS(20) in ILS at foreach println
120 ILS

scala> val usd2eur = USD to EUR at
usd2eur:[,] = CurrencyExchangeRate(Currency(USD,United States dollar,$,2,None,None,None),Currency(EUR,Euro,€,2,None,None,None),2018-05-30T11:30:52.728Z)

scala> val tenUsdInEur = usd2eur convert (10)
TenUsdInEur: scala.concurrent.Future[[]] = Future(<not completed>)
scala> tenUsdInEur
scala.concurrent.Future[[]] = Future(Success(5.0 EUR))
scala> TenUsdInEur foreach println
5.0 EUR

scala> usd2eur.rate foreach println

scala> val eur2usd = usd2eur.inverse
eur2usd:[,] = CurrencyExchangeRate(Currency(EUR,Euro,€,2,None,None,None),Currency(USD,United States dollar,$,2,None,None,None),2018-05-30T11:30:52.728Z)
scala> eur2usd.rate foreach println

scala> val handerEurToUSD = 100(EUR) in USD
handerEurToUSD:[] = MoneyExchange(Currency(USD,United States dollar,$,2,None,None,None),List(100 EUR))

scala> handerEurToUSD at foreach println
200.0 USD

scala> 100.2(EUR) ==~ 100(EUR) +- 0.5
res8: Boolean = true

scala> 10(USD) >~ 9(USD) ± 2
res9: Boolean = false

scala> 50.0(EUR) === (100(USD) in EUR) at foreach println

Using openexchange as ExchangeRate:

Add the following dependency to your build

"com.vatbox"  %% "buckazoid"  % "LATEST_VERSION"
scala> import
       implicit val system = ActorSystem()
       implicit val materializer = ActorMaterializer()
scala> implicit val client = PlayOpenExchangeRates(StandaloneAhcWSClient(), "", "[OPEN_EXCHANGE_RATES_KEY]")
scala> val total = EUR(5) + USD(10) + ILS(20) at Instant.parse("2018-06-18T00:00:00Z")
total: scala.concurrent.Future[[]] = Future(<not completed>)
scala> total foreach println
18.355240 EUR

Other money libraries

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