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MATLAB Live Script demo of working with NWB 2.0 neurodata
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This project presents the data accompanying the paper

Farzaneh Najafi, Gamaleldin F Elsayed, Robin Cao, Eftychios Pnevmatikakis, Peter E Latham, John Cunningham, Anne K Churchland. "Excitatory and inhibitory subnetworks are equally selective during decision-making and emerge simultaneously during learning" bioRxiv (2018): 354340.

The original data are available from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory:

MATLAB Live Script

This project demonstrates the use of MATLAB and MATLAB Live Script in lastest Neuroscience studies. Specifically, the project provides guidance and examples for working with neurodata in the Neurodata Without Border format (NWB 2.0)

The Live Script provides examples of data querying, conditioning and visualization, with several figures from the paper reproduced. For an interactive session, the Live Script has to be launched with MATLAB. See a PDF version of the script here.

Obtaining the data

Instruction for obtaining the original data (at and the conversion of original data to NWB 2.0 format is described in detail here.

Data in NWB 2.0 format are published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, at repository:

The NWB 2.0 data should be placed in the working directory with path:


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