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Tools for manipulating signed PE-COFF binaries
C Shell Groff Makefile C++

This branch is even with rhinstaller:master

Make pesign-authorize-{users,groups} not be in sbin.

If it's in sbin, it needs a man page.  On fedora/rhel it should go in
libexec, on debian probably /usr/share someplace.  This change puts it
in libexec and makes it so you can put that wherever you like by doing:

make libexecdir=/usr/share all
make libexecdir=/usr/share install install_systemd

or similar.

Signed-off-by: Peter Jones <>
latest commit 8854461314
@vathpela authored


Signing tool for PE-COFF binaries, hopefully at least vaguely compliant with
the PE and Authenticode specifications.

This is vaguely analogous to the tool described by

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