Laboratory of Variant Analysis Tools

Dr. Bo Peng's Bioinformatics Tools for Variant Analysis

Pinned repositories

  1. SoS

    Workflow system designed for daily data analysis

    Python 104 13

  2. sos-notebook

    Multi-language Jupyter Notebook

    Python 54 7

  3. VariantTools

    software tool for the manipulation, annotation, selection, simulation, and analysis of variants in the context of next-gen sequencing analysis

    C 10

  4. jupyterlab-sos

    Jupyterlab extension for SoS Polyglot Notebook and Workflow Engine, allows multiple kernels in one notebook

    TypeScript 13 1

  5. markdown-kernel

    A markdown kernel for Jupyter

    Python 9

  6. transient-display-data

    A JupyterLab extension that displays transient display messages in console window

    TypeScript 2