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A simple pipeline to generate website from Jupyter notebooks

Copyright 2016 Gao Wang

Step 0: install dependencies

pip install sos bs4 

Step 1: install jnbinder

unzip -p jnbinder-master/release > release
chmod +x release
./release setup-jnbinder

Step 2: create project notebooks under various folders

Or, create empty folders and move your existing notebooks into them.

Step 3: edit config.yml

See the template config.yml file in this repo. Particularly, configure include_dir to include the folders from Step 2.

Step 4: build website

./release -j 10

Or, when things go wrong (pages not updated as expected).

./release -s force -j 10

where -j 10 means running 10 conversion commands in parallel -- useful when there is a lot of notebooks to bind.

Mics: upgrade jnbinder

./release upgrade-jnbinder

For first time users we have created an annotated demonstration:

Notice that the demonstration site only shows some aspects of the software. You are welcome to download the demonstration to adapt for your project. You are also encouraged to play with configurations in config.yml to customize your site or the release workflow.

The software is intented for my personal use but I'm happy to help if you request a feature or report a bug (it is not fully documented so do not worry about requesting for features that already exist!).

Here are more examples of generated research websites: