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* Setting this up *
* Clone the repo:
* Create couple of symbolic links:
$ ln -s ~/dot_files/my_zshrc ~/.zshrc
$ ln -s ~/dot_files/irbrc ~/.irbrc
$ ln -s ~/dot_files/gitconfig ~/.gitconfig
$ mkdir ~/bin (if bin directory doesn't exist)
$ ln -s ~/sake ~/bin/sake
$ ln -s ~/dot_files/vim ~/.vim
$ ln -s ~/dot_files/vimrc ~/.vimrc
* Modify ~/dot_files/my_zshrc
You may have to modify the my_zshrc file to your liking a bit. The PATH and
other stuff is configured according to the way, I have setup my machine.You may need to
change that.
* Switch to zsh :
$ chsh
* Close the terminal
* Logout from your active session.
* Open terminal and voila, you should have zsh with new prompt and everything working.