Tools for people who attend key signing parties
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Tools for people who attend key signing parties.

List of tools

  • ksp-makelist: create a better formatted list in PDF format by reading a FOSDEM key list.
  • ksp-import-keys: automatically import signatures from a mailbox. Supports mbox files, IMAP and POP3 servers.
  • ksp-scanlist: scan QR codes from a list created by ksp-makelist, and generate a list of keys to sign.
  • ksp-list: process lists: check signatures, sign keys, mail signed keys


  • Digest::SHA
  • Digest::RMD160
  • PDF::API2
  • Barcode::ZBar
  • Crypt::GPG
  • Crypt::RIPEMD160
  • Mail::GnuPG
  • MIME::Entity
  • Email::Sender
  • Moose
  • qrencode
  • Vash (optional)
  • Speech::eSpeak (only for key scanning)


Programs can be run in place, like this:

$ perl ./bin/ksp-makelist


First, download the FOSDEM key signing party files. Here we setup a separate keyring, to avoid crowding the main one. This is optional.

$ wget
$ bunzip2 keyring.asc.bz2
$ gpg --keyring ~/.gnupg/fosdem2014.gpg --no-default-keyring --import keyring.asc
$ echo "keyring ~/.gnupg/fosdem2014.gpg" >> ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf

Generate a list:

$ bin/ksp-makelist --output fosdem_2014.pdf ksp-fosdem2014.txt

Print it, go to FOSDEM and mark the keys to sign. Then take a black marker, and cover the QR codes for the keys you are NOT going to sign, to make sure you can't scan them by accident.

Generate a list of keys to sign. Hold the printed list in front of a camera, and scan the keys. Close the camera window when done.

$ bin/ksp-scanlist --output selected_keys.txt ksp-fosdem2014.txt

Check whether the fingerprints in the GPG key ring match the ones that were scanned:

$ bin/ksp-list --check selected_keys.txt