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A quickstart Java Spring project for freelance websites development.
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Java Spring Freelancer Platform (Alpha)

Open Source platform for freelance portals based on Java Spring technology.


  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • MySQL
  • Hibernate ORM
  • Maven
  • Thymeleaf
  • Bootstrap framework


  • Internationalization (i18n: Serbian and English by default)
  • User module (register, login, forgot password)
  • Post a job
  • Place a bid
  • View bids
  • Hire freelancer
  • Message rooms (jobs and one-to-one)
  • Feedback / rating system


  1. Java 8
  2. Maven
  3. MySQL server

How to install and run

1. Clone GIT repo

  1. open CMD or Linux terminal and CD to (eclipse) projects root folder
  2. git clone [THIS REPO]

2. Prepare MySQL

  1. Create MySQL database
  2. Import /freelance.sql

3. Set your config

  1. Copy /src/main/resources/ to /src/main/resources/
  2. Edit spring.datasource.* values to fit your DB server
  3. Edit freelancer.locale.default = rs_SR and change to "en_US" if you want English by default
  4. Edit freelancer.job.page_size = 5 to change how many jobs are displayed per page.

4. Run Java app

  1. CD to the cloned folder
  2. mvn clean install
  3. mvn compile
  4. mvn spring-boot:run

Note: you can also run project from Eclipse:

open project > right click on > Run As > Java Application

5. Test

  1. Open URL in your browser http://localhost:8000
  2. (optional) Login with / 123456 (client) and (freelancer)

How to translate to your language

  1. Create properties file with name "messages_[locale].properties", for example in folder /src/main/resources/
  2. Add appropriate link to top menu (?locale=ru_RU)
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