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🐍 art-bio : A Real-Time BIOsignal feature extraction tool 🦆

    ecg (electrocardiogram) sends /ecg/ibi
    recg (same as above + /ecg/raw)
    eeg (electroencephalogram sends /eeg/alpha, /eeg/beta /eeg/gamma, /eeg/theta)
    reeg (same as above + /eeg/raw)
    emg (electromyogram) sends /emg/power
    remg (same as above + /emg/raw)
    eda (electrodermal activity) sends /eda/edr([length, amplitude])
    reda (same as above + /eda/raw)

    example usage:
        art-bio -c ecg osc -c reeg file

command line arguments:
-d, --device [device_type (default: bitalino)]
    choose biosignal acquisition device
    [device_type] - bitalino, openbci (cython)
-f, --freq [sampling_frequency (default: 100)]
    set sampling frequency for biosignal data acquisition
-l, --list
    lists available devices
-i, --index [device_index (default: 0)]
    set the correct device from available devices, see --list
-c, --connect [sourcetype] [destinationtype] 
    makes connections for biosignal sources to data destinations
    [source]: ecg, eda, eeg, emg
    [destination]: osc, file, digital
--osc-address [destination_address]
    [destination_address (default:] IP_ADDRESS:PORT
--osc-prefix [prefix]
    [prefix (default: /rtbio)]
--filename [filename]
    [filename (default: temp.txt)]
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