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readme = '''
🐍 rt-bio : A Real-Time BIOsignal feature extraction tool 🦆
ecg (electrocardiogram) sends /ecg/ibi
recg (same as above + /ecg/raw)
eeg (electroencephalogram sends /eeg/alpha, /eeg/beta /eeg/gamma, /eeg/theta)
reeg (same as above + /eeg/raw)
emg (electromyogram) sends /emg/power
remg (same as above + /emg/raw)
eda (electrodermal activity) sends /eda/edr([length, amplitude])
reda (same as above + /eda/raw)
example usage:
art-bio -c ecg osc -c reeg file
command line arguments:
-d, --device [device_type (default: bitalino)]
choose biosignal acquisition device
[device_type] - bitalino, (openbci soon i promise...)
-f, --freq [sampling_frequency (default: 100)]
set sampling frequency for biosignal data acquisition
-l, --list
lists available devices
-i, --index [device_index (default: 0)]
set the correct device from available devices, see --list
-c, --connect [sourcetype] [destinationtype]
makes connections for biosignal sources to data destinations
[source]: ecg, eda, eeg, emg
[destination]: osc, file, digital
--osc-address [destination_address]
[destination_address (default:] IP_ADDRESS:PORT
--osc-prefix [prefix]
[prefix (default: /rtbio)]
--filename [filename]
[filename (default: temp.txt)]
import sys
import configparser
import argparser as parser
from devices import *
from init_sources import init_sources
from router import Router
print("art-bio - A Real-Time BIOsignal feature extraction tool")
router = Router()
#set default argument values
device_name = 'bitalino'
sampling_frequency = 100
device_index = 0
router.osc_address = ''
router.osc_prefix = '/rtbio'
router.filename = 'temp.txt'
args = sys.argv
#get devicename from args
device_name_arg = parser.getDeviceName(args)
if device_name_arg:
device_name = device_name_arg
#get device index from args
device_index_arg = parser.getDeviceIndex(args)
if device_index_arg:
device_index = device_index_arg
#list devices and exit if --list
if '-l' in args or '--list' in args:
print('list of ' + device_name + ' devices: ')
if(device_name == 'bitalino'):
device_list = Bitalino.list_devices(None)
for i, dev in enumerate(device_list):
print('[{}] {}'.format(i, dev))
elif(device_name == 'openbci'):
device_list = OpenBCI.list_devices(None)
for i, dev in enumerate(device_list):
print('[{}] {}'.format(i, dev))
raise ValueError('No such device: ' + device_name)
#get osc_address from args
osc_address_arg = parser.getOSCAddress(args)
if osc_address_arg:
router.osc_address = osc_address_arg
#get osc_prefix from args
osc_prefix_arg = parser.getOSCPrefix(args)
if osc_prefix_arg:
router.osc_prefix = osc_prefix_arg
#get filename from args
filename_arg = parser.getFilename(args)
if filename_arg:
router.filename = filename_arg
#get sampling_frequency from args
sampling_frequency_arg = parser.getSamplingFrequency(args)
if sampling_frequency_arg:
sampling_frequency = sampling_frequency_arg
#get connections from args
connections = parser.getConnections(args)
#if no connections set show help
if not len(connections):
#read config file if it exists
config = configparser.ConfigParser()'config.ini')
#initialize device
if device_name == 'bitalino':
device = Bitalino(device_index)
if 'bitalino' in config:
channels = {}
for k in config['bitalino']:
channels[k] = [ int(c) for c in config['bitalino'][k].split(',') ]
device.channel_map = channels
router.digital_out_func = device.digital_trigger
elif device_name == 'openbci':
device = OpenBCI(device_index)
def noDigital():
raise ValueError('openbci has no digital output defined')
router.digital_out_func = noDigital
raise ValueError('No such device: ' + device_name)
#initialize sources and destinations
sources = init_sources(connections, device.channel_map, sampling_frequency)
#start streaming
device.start(sampling_frequency, sources.keys())
while True:
# Read samples
samples =
for source in samples.keys():
features = []
for i, channel in enumerate(samples[source]):
router.route_data(source, connections, features, samples[source])
except KeyboardInterrupt:
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