INI parsing library for Go.
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INI parsing library for Go (golang).

View the API documentation here.


Parse an INI file:

import ""

file, err := ini.LoadFile("myfile.ini")

Get data from the parsed file:

name, ok := file.Get("person", "name")
if !ok {
  panic("'name' variable missing from 'person' section")

Iterate through values in a section:

for key, value := range file["mysection"] {
  fmt.Printf("%s => %s\n", key, value)

Iterate through sections in a file:

for name, section := range file {
  fmt.Printf("Section name: %s\n", name)

File Format

INI files are parsed by go-ini line-by-line. Each line may be one of the following:

  • A section definition: [section-name]
  • A property: key = value
  • A comment: #blahblah or ;blahblah
  • Blank. The line will be ignored.

Properties defined before any section headers are placed in the default section, which has the empty string as it's key.


# I am a comment
; So am I!

colour = red or green
shape = applish

shape = square
colour = blue