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Command line wrapper around the fantastic json2csharp library to generate C# code.

Adds batch support via config file. Nearly 100% fleshed out, but feel free to contribute as it's pretty close but is doing all the bits I need for now.

Once I started doing the batch processing I don't tend to use the Single file any more, however it's still provided.


Batch processing

Generates all the code based on the configuration file.

JsonClassGen.exe batch -f configfile.json 

Options file is in the format below. Options are standard across all the classes to create consistency. If, for example, you want some files visible internally and other not, create a seperate config. That way you know what you're exposing clearly.

  "options": {
    "useproperties": true,
    "pascal": true,
    "nested": true,
    "singlefile": true,
    "internalvisibility": false
  "classes": [
      "filename": "..\\some\\folder\\dataresponse.json",
      "namespace": "Fantastic.Namespace.Model",
      "mainclass": "DataResponse"
      "filename": "..\\some\\folder\\autorecognizeresponse.json",
      "namespace": "Audio.Recognition.Model",
      "mainclass": "AudioRecognizeResponse"

Single file

Generates the code based for a single json file. The below example generates nested classes in a single file using Pascal case, with the main class for the json file "MainClassName" with the awesome namespace.

JsonClassGen.exe generate -f myjson.json -n Awesome.Namespaces.Are.Awesome -m MainClassName -p -s --pascal --nested

 -f, --filename         Required. Input JSON file to read.
 -t, --targetfolder     Target output folder.
 -n, --namespace        Required. Target Namespace.
 -p, --useproperties    (Default: true) Use Properties.
 -i, --internal         (Default: false) Internal visibility only.
 -x, --explicit         (Default: false) Explicit deserialization.
 -h, --nohelp           (Default: false) No helper class.
 -m, --mainclass        Main class.
 --pascal               (Default: false) Pascal Case.
 --nested               (Default: false) Nested classes.
 -o, --obfuscation      (Default: false) Apply obfuscation attributes.
 -s, --singlefile       (Default: false) Single file.
 --nullable             (Default: false) Always use nullable values.
 --examples             (Default: false) Examples in documentation.
 -v, --verbose          Print details during execution.
 --help                 Display this help screen.
 --version              Display version information.

What's the code look like?

Check out the config file classes used in batch processing. They are generated by JsonClassGen :)

namespace JsonClassGen

    public class JsonClassGenConfig
        public class Options2

            public bool Useproperties { get; set; }

            public bool Pascal { get; set; }

            public bool Nested { get; set; }

            public bool Singlefile { get; set; }

            public bool Internalvisibility { get; set; }


Command line wrapper around the fantastic json2csharp library.



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