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Centralised Logging

This is some sample code of how to do centralised logging. So you can get something as awesome as this:

Tech used:

  • Logback logstash json encoder: write json format to your logs so you can handle multiline logging with ease, e.g. stack traces.
  • Logstash forwarder: Lightweight client to forward logs, so you don't have to run the Logstash client in another jvm.
  • Logstash: Logstash to receive your logs and dump them in elasticsearch.
  • ElasticSearch: Store all the things.
  • Kibana: Visualization. Query all the things.
  • Apache reverse proxy: Kibana needs direct access to elasticsearch, so you want to redirect that through a reverse proxy for security.

This assumes you're working on Ubuntu servers. Multiple senders and a single receiver. Receiver will run Kibana too.

Receiver Installation

Sender Installation

  • Dependency for Lein [net.logstash.logback/logstash-logback-encoder "2.4"]
  • This will write your logs out in json format.
  • Build and install Logstash forwarder. I recommend keeping a .deb on hand.
  • Create ~/lumberjack
  • Copy the same SSL certs you generated for the receiver and 'lumberjack.conf' into this directory.
  • Adjust the paths and receiving server in 'lumberjack.conf'
  • Drop 'upstart/lumberjack.conf' in /etc/init/. Change the 'deploy' user to the user you're using.
  • sudo service lumberjack start
  • Your logs should be sent to the receiver now.

Kibana Installation

This is a bit tricky. Kibana needs direct access to ElasticSearch. Logstash includes Kibana, so you can run it with 'java -jar logstash.jar web'. Or since Kibana is just javascript, dump it in your web server and configure a reverse proxy.

I've included a basic apache config as 'apache.conf' which you can drop in /etc/apache2/sites-available and enable. This uses SSL and HTTP basic auth on everything. /elasticsearch path reverse proxies to elasticsearch running on port 9200. And /kibana loads Kibana from /var/www/kibana.


An example of centralising clojure/java logging with Logback, LogStash, ElasticSearch, and Kibana




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