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An open-source, web-based, self-hosted password manager with client-side encryption.

Authors: Ludovic Barman, Hadrien Milano


Vaultage is a password manager.

  • The password are encrypted/decrypted in your browser: no plaintext goes through the network; your passwords never leave your computer's memory.
  • It is in-browser, and can be accessed from all your devices.
  • It is self-hosted: install it easily on your own server. Everything is under your control.
  • It is open-source: please feel to audit the code, and please report any bugs.

How is it secured? Please check our document for the assumptions, the adversary model and the system design.


Vaultage demo 1

Quick start

To take Vaultage for a test drive, run:

npm install -g vaultage

Then browse to localhost:3000. Check out the wiki for usage instructions.

Please note that, while this setup allows you to play around with Vaultage, a real deployment involves a little bit more pieces.

Complete setup

Ready to use Vaultage to its full potential? Check out our guides to learn how to set up Vaultage in a secure and durable way.

Usage Documentation

Vaultage exposes a command line interface which you can keep open in a pinned tab in your browser. Whenever you need a password, switch to that tab and copy-paste it where needed.

The command line asks you to authenticate first (type auth). Then get a password by typing get followed by some search keywords.

Read the full usage documentation.


We welcome any contribution, whether it's a bug report, a feature request or a full-blown code contribution. Please check for more information.


A web-based, self-hosted password manager with client-side encryption.






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