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@NickKaramoff NickKaramoff released this Aug 2, 2019

New & Improved:

  • vavilon.js now includes its type definitions
  • bundle size even smaller (876 bytes minzipped)


  • spacing issue happening in some mobile browsers
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@NickKaramoff NickKaramoff released this Jul 13, 2019

Critical changes:

  • manual language switching is now done with setLang method

New & Improved:

  • bundle size is even smaller

Code-related changes:

  • library is rewritten in TypeScript
  • the complexity of some methods was reduced
  • most methods moved into an isolated Vavilon object

All of the above ensures that the code works safely and is easily changed.

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@NickKaramoff NickKaramoff released this Jul 7, 2019

This version is virtually the same as 0.3.0, with the only exception being the updated URLs in package.json

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@NickKaramoff NickKaramoff released this Jul 6, 2019

New & Improved:

  • fully asynchronous and correctly executed requests
  • bundle size down to 2 KiB (less than 1000 bytes gzipped)
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@NickKaramoff NickKaramoff released this Jul 5, 2019

This minor update replaces the build system from webpack to Rollup, thus decreasing the bundle size a liitle bit.

See 0.2.0 changelog here:

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@NickKaramoff NickKaramoff released this Jul 5, 2019

New & Improved:

  • manual language switching supported
  • async requests (though I may not have figured it out yet)
  • typed documentation (with TypeScript in future plans)
  • faster locale detection and switching engine


  • prod bundle is now 10 KiB (3.7 KiB gzipped)

Not related to the library itself:

  • CI builds
  • CI automatic deployments
  • CodeClimate inspections
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@NickKaramoff NickKaramoff released this Jun 22, 2019 · 122 commits to master since this release

This is the very first public version of vavilon.js. Right now you can:

  • connect dictionaries
  • automatically translate based on browser language
  • save the browser preference in cookie to remember for later
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