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Open Assistant

Open Assistant is an evolving open source artificial intelligence agent able to interact in basic conversation and automate an increasing number of tasks.

Maintained by the Open Assistant working group lead by Andrew Vavrek, this software is an extension of Blather by Jezra, Kaylee by Clayton G. Hobbs, and includes work done by Jonathan Kulp.


Useful Tools

  • aplay - console audio player
  • plaympeg - console mp3 player
  • projectm - visualizations responsive to sound
  • wmctrl - window manager control. opening, closing, resize, switch windows.
  • xdotool - command line x automation tool
  • xvkbd - virtual keyboard for x

Running Open Assistant

  • Download and unpack the latest package.
  • Edit to configure desired variables, then save.
  • Make executable with: $chmod +x ./
  • Run ./ -c -H20 -m0 -M mind/boot. Global variables will be set and will launch.
  • If $MINDDIR/conf/commands.json has changed and your machine is online, a new dictionary and language model will be created via the Sphinx Knowledge Base Tool.
  • Say Launch Open Assistant to enable operating system control commands such as Maximize Window and Fullscreen. Say Launch Stella to initiate a dialogue with her mind. To have Stella quit say Goodbye Stella. Say Close Open Assistant to quit operating system command recognition.
  • To change assistant commands and language, edit conf/commands.json. Exit and relaunch

Open Assistant Fork

Open Assistant fork for Crux System: