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VulkanWrapper (VKW) is C++ wrapper for the Vulkan API. It adds C++ concepts like RAII and move semantics to ease the management of Vulkan objects. When a VKW object goes out of scope, it's destructor destroys the underlying Vulkan object. For example:

    vk::Instance instance = createInstance(...);
    //instance will be automatically destroyed at the end of scope

VKW objects work with standard memory management types. For example:

std::unique_ptr<vk::Instance> instance = std::make_unique<vk::Instance>(...);
std::shared_ptr<vk::Image> image = loadImage(...);

VKW objects are movable. For example:

class MyImage {
    vk::Image image;
    MyImage(vk::Image&& image)
    : image(std::move(image))
        //image parameter moved into member

Vulkan enum types are wrapped in C++ enum classes, providing type safety without polluting a namespace.

VKW uses the vk namespace, so it will conflict with other C++ libraries, like Vulkan-Hpp.

VKW is still in alpha, so breaking changes will happen without warning.

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