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python/django library for authorization with Wargaming OpenID
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Live version of this code.

Django library for authorization with Wargaming OpenID on Google App Engine platform.

based on: included as zip archive.


Main difference from google-app-engine-django-openid is a using GAE memcache for saving openid session data, instead GAE datastore tables. So don't need db tables for this purpose, and their periodically cleanup.

Usage in your Django App

1. Define handler for success OpenID auth as:

def success_handler(request, response, openid_url)

where request, response are the standard django objects, and openid_url is a auth data from wargaming.

2. Include library urls handlers and your function from step 1 into your

For example:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^openid/', include('gae-openid.urls'), {'success_handler': module.success_handler}),

3. Add library middleware module into your


Into templates, for entry point to wargaming OpenID auth, you can use, for example:

{% url openid_start %}?continue=/&openid_identifier=
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