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A small script to help move issues from bitbucket to github
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bitbucket Issues Migration

This is a small script that will migrate bitbucket issues to a github project. It will use the bitbucket api to pull out the issues and comments.

It will import issues (and close them as needed) and their comments. Labels and milestones are not supported at the moment.

Before running

You will need to install the requirements first

pip install -r requirements.pip


python -h
Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t, --dry-run         Preform a dry run and print eveything.
                        GitHub username
  -d GITHUB_REPO, --github_repo=GITHUB_REPO
                        GitHub to add issues to. Format: <username>/<repo
  -s BITBUCKET_REPO, --bitbucket_repo=BITBUCKET_REPO
                        Bitbucket repo to pull data from.
                        Bitbucket username
  -f START, --start=START
                        Bitbucket id of the issue to start import (1 means you want all the issues)                       

python -g <githbu_user> -d <github_repo> -s <bitbucket_repo> -u <bitbucket_usename> -f 1

Note: if you need to migrate to a GitHub organizational repository, use your personal username, but the appropriate API token for the repository.

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