React native bindings for Android ArCore as UI Component with support for model rendering and manipulation
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This project showcases simple bindings of Android ARCore into react-native. It's not a full arcore wrapper in rect-native, just reveals the path for integration in bigger awesome projects.

I'll update it as I improve the interface and controls in my project.

My project is based on Google's Java ARCore starter example.


  • GLSurfaceView with ARSession as a react UI Component, easy to integrate

  • Callbacks from native code to JS

  • Load modules and textures as base64

  • Object scaling

  • Object rotation

  • Object selection

  • Object moving


I'll skip the "integrate into your project" part cause it's pretty boring and you probably know that already. You can also run this project out of the box(droid only). Note: You need an ARCore compatible device and the preview sdk installed on your phone(

Add the view

const Dimensions = require('Dimensions');
return  <ARSurfaceViewDroid style={{width:Dimensions.get('window').width, height:Dimensions.get('window').height}} />

Yes, you need to make it full screen, otherwise the touch listener will go crazy and no longer recognize your input. Feel free to make a pull request with a fix :)

Add the listeners

 DeviceEventEmitter.addListener('onObjectPlaced',(data) => {})
    DeviceEventEmitter.addListener('onObjectSelectd',(data) => console.log(data))
    DeviceEventEmitter.addListener('onPlaneStateUpdate',(data) => console.log(data))
    DeviceEventEmitter.addListener('onError',(error) => console.log(error))

Load the models(base64 strings) and start the ARSession

  componentDidMount() {
    setTimeout(() => {

Note that I did the loading in componentDidMount with 1 second delay, so my native object will be instantiated by the time this code is executed.

Now you should be able to load Raptors with shadows, move, rotate and scale them.