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Jupyter notebooks used for analysis
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A Longitudinal View of Dual-stacked Websites − Failures, Latency and Happy Eyeballs →
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking →
April 2019

Measurement Tests

The happy test used to collect the dataset on latency is available here →

The simweb test used to collected the dataset on partial failures is available here →

Vantage Points

The dataset is collected from ~100 SamKnows probes:


The raw dataset and mirrors are available here →

It includes the SQL schemas and the dataset in sqlite3 format and the metadata associated with each vantage point.


make will install the python dependencies required to run the jupyter notebooks. make run will run jupyter.

Repeating the results

plot-* notebooks can be used to repeat the analysis on the existing dataset. Each such notebook produces a single plot in the paper.


Please feel welcome to contact the authors for further details.

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