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Slackware Linux Utilities and super duper libraries ;)
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slackware utilities


A handful of commands to quickly/easily access information on the Slackware Linux distribution. Further, this provides a ruby library for 'slackware'.



slp - shows installed slackware packages with no args, it will show all. or for each arg it will search the package names.

slf - search installed slackware packages for a file this expects an arg(s), and will output, in grep fashion packages matching your search args.

slt - mtime/install time of slackware packages with no args, it will show all. or for each arg it will search the package names.

sll - list the contents of packages matching the

slo - find files in /etc/, that have been orphaned and left behind by unistalled/upgraded packages

sli - display the package information for matching packages

slu - display the upgrade history for matching packages

slfindlinked - finds what is linked to your argument, and it's package expects 1 argument passed.

Release Notes



From git

>> git clone git://
>> cd slack-utils
>> make slackpkg
>> sudo upgradepkg --install-new pkg/slack-utils-0.6.2-$ARCH-1_vb.tgz

From tar ball

>> tar xfz slack-utils-0.6.2.tar.gz
>> cd slack-utils-0.6.2
>> ruby setup.rb config --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/man
>> ruby setup.rb install

From the rubygems repo

>> sudo gem install slack-utils

From the gem

>> git clone git://
>> cd slack-utils/src
>> rake gem
>> sudo gem install pkg/slack-utils-$VERSION.gem

Quick Start

Using the commands

See the system manual page slack-utils(8)

Using the API / library

$ irb
>> require 'rubygems'
>> require 'slackware'
>> pkg =
>> = "hello-kitty"
>> pkg.version = "1.0"


>> require 'rubygems'
>> require 'slackware'
>> tags = Slackware::System.tags_used
=> ["SBo","alien","rlw"]


Show data



see the exmamples/ files


There are many more methods than are documented on this page. Please explore the RDOC to find more functionality.

For more complex examples, please see the examples directory


You can also contact me for more help or suggestions.

Bugs and such

Open an “issue” here

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