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Changes so far include duplicate UID fix and INT64 for CharID I haven't notice issues so far with the changes.

icomrade added some commits May 16, 2016
@icomrade icomrade Use Int64 for CharacterID
Allows for longer CharacterID field in all tables that use CharacterID.
This change was requested in the following issue
@icomrade icomrade Should fix duplicate ObjectUID
ObjectID is written to ObjectUID on DB startup to prevent duplicate UID
since the ObjectID field is autoincremented by the SQL server
@icomrade icomrade Fix typo e8eee85
@icomrade icomrade Offset ObjectUID by 1
ObjectID of 1 is used by the game for some special objects
@icomrade icomrade New column playerGroup in the player_data table
New Hive Child 204 for updating playerGroup column. Groups are returned
from the 101 Child on login.
@icomrade icomrade Add coins and small fixes
Improve group saving, add GetInt64 for the longer characterID fields.
Server owners may continue to use their coins in object inventory but
are encouraged to save new object coins to the new StorageCoins column

New call to update player permanent coins, Child:205
_key = format["CHILD:205:%1:%2:%3:%4:",(getPlayerUID

_bankcoins represents the old BankSaldo field, I don't know what it was
for but I didn't want to to remove it.

use existing calls 303/309 for saving object_data coins. use 201 for
character coins


ALTER TABLE `player_data` ADD `PlayerCoins` bigint(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT
ALTER TABLE `player_data` ADD `BankCoins` bigint(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT
ALTER TABLE `object_data` ADD `StorageCoins` bigint(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT
ALTER TABLE `character_data` ALTER COLUMN `CashMoney` `Coins` bigint(20)
UPDATE player_data t1, banking_data t2
SET t1.`PlayerCoins` = t2.bankMoney,
t1.`BankCoins` = t2.BankSaldo
WHERE t1.PlayerUID = t2.PlayerUID
@icomrade icomrade Fix Coins 33938bc
@icomrade icomrade Another coin fix 5e5e18e
@icomrade icomrade Don't select objects that are destroyed bb959ad
@icomrade icomrade Write objectData output to file
Write file in C++ instead of returning a single object with each
itteration of callExtension in a loop. Also retained ability to use the
loop behavior.
@icomrade icomrade Fix Child 309 error d2f17ef
@icomrade icomrade Add config variable MaintenanceObjects
Compensates for objects with data stored in the inventory field
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