Nexus plugin that provides WebHook notifications for stored (Maven) artifacts
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Nexus WebHook Plugin

This is a Nexus plugin that provides WebHook notifications when new (Maven) artifacts are stored in a Nexus instance.
Basically it POST an HTTP request to one or more urls, with the details of the event as a JSON document in the request body.
See for more information about WebHooks.

- Register your WebHook urls in the configuration file. See for a sample with instructions.
- If you want to reload your configuration, do an HTTP (GET or POST) request to "http://NEXUS_HOST/service/local/webhooks/configuration/reload" (or restart Nexus...)
- If you want to test your WebHook listeners, you can send a fake event by doing an HTTP (GET or POST) request to "http://NEXUS_HOST/service/local/webhooks/fakeEvent?r=releases&g=com.example&a=webapp&v=2.1.0&c=&e=war"
  of course you can change the r(epository), g(roupId), a(rtifactId), v(ersion), c(lassifier) and e(xtension) parameters...
- Finally, release some artifacts in Nexus and wait for your listeners to be notified and do their work ;-)

Change Log
- Version 1.0 : Initial release. Tested with Nexus 1.9 & 1.9.2

How to install
- Download from
- Unzip the "" file into the "plugin-repository" directory (located in "$NEXUS_HOME/sonatype-work/nexus/plugin-repository")
  You should have a "nexus-rundeck-plugin-VERSION" directory with a "nexus-rundeck-plugin-VERSION.jar" file inside it (and a "dependencies" directory)
- Download a sample of the configuration file from
- Copy the "" file in the "conf" directory (located in "$NEXUS_HOME/sonatype-work/nexus/conf")
- Edit the config file to suit your needs (read instructions inside the file...)
- Then, you just need to restart Nexus.

How to build
- prerequisites : Apache Maven 2.2.1 or 3.x
- run "mvn package"
- use the "bundle" file in target/

- Nexus :
- WebHooks :

LICENSE : The Apache Software License, Version 2.0
See the LICENSE file, or