An object oriented rewriting of the APFEL evolution code
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APFEL++: A new PDF evolution library in C++

APFEL++ is a C++ rewriting of the Fortran 77 evolution code APFEL (see and APFEL++ is based on a completely new code design and guarantees a better performance along with a more optimal memory management. The new modular structure allows for a better maintainability and an easier extensibility. This makes APFEL++ suitable for a wide range of tasks: from the solution of the DGLAP evolution equations to the computation of deep-inelastic-scattering (DIS) and single-inclusive-annihilation cross sections. Also more complex computations, like semi-inclusive DIS and Drell-Yan cross sections, are easily implementable in APFEL++.


You can obtain APFEL++ directly from the github repository:

For the last development branch you can clone the master code:

git clone

If you instead want to download a specific tag:

git tag -l
git checkout tags/tag_name


The code can be compiled using the following procedure:

cd apfelxx
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/your/installation/path/ .
make && make install

By the default, if no prefix specification is given, the program will be installed in the /usr/local folder. If you want (or need) to use a different path, remember to export the APFEL++ /lib folder into the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. More configuration options can be accessed by typing:

ccmake .


Code documentation generated with Doxygen can be found here:

Visit also the HepForge webpage and the APFEL Web interface

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