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change gnome overview setting
Perl Shell
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gnome-overview-conf v0.13

edit gnome overview setting

Released under GPL v3


0.13 fix path user, fix export pannel, add new theme
0.12 add panel setings, color, height
0.11 fix regex in set value
0.10 fix regex same problem v0.9
0.9 fix regex problems for old perl version
0.8 fix backup for distro that not use lib64
0.7 fix type property in library some distro use var instead of const
0.6 fix check lib64 or lib32, discharge gbus error
0.5 fix shebang, fix directory lib is different in some distro
0.4 fix import not reload value, fix formatting export, add theme and screenshot
0.3 fix crash shell
0.2 separate backup, add import and export, fix not save
0.1 code style and initial support for built-in Adwaita theme

How To


$ git clone
$ cd gnome-overview-conf
$ sudo ./install


$ sudo ./uninstall


for view all command

$ gnome-overview-conf help

create backup for prevent problems

$ sudo gnome-overview-conf backup

restore backup, save you

$ sudo gnome-overview-conf restore

view current configuration

$ gnome-overview-conf view

set one or more value

$ sudo gnome-overview-conf max_columns 10 min_rows 5 icon_size 64 horizontal 112 vertical 120

after setting value reload shell with


(for Wayland users: you'll have to reboot or log out and log back in, sorry about that)

go to directory ./theme
save current overview theme, example name mytheme

$ sudo gnome-overview-conf export mytheme

go to directory ./theme
import theme, example default

$ sudo gnome-overview-conf import default
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