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@vbjay vbjay released this Dec 15, 2017 · 2 commits to master since this release


Commit log from 'V1' to 'HEAD' (most recent changes are listed on top):
158aae6 Update README.mdAdd PAT info
24ae60a Update README.mdDescribe the features and point user to sample script
19ca427 Update README.mdAdd rebase warning
a1bcd39 Show sample release notes steps
87e2045 Fix attachment downloading Closes #12
17af9a5 Filter attachments by name using regex Closes #10
1088a7a Remove duplicate code
5b260cc Remove SqlScripts cmdlet
93a3d70 Refactor writing out objects
0163d2b Add verbose log entry
5ee936a Add my PAT to project and ignore the contents
0c512b1 Fix TFSCollection retrieval and change to use PAT closes #13 PAT:Personal Access Tokens
f8236f0 Update Nuget packages
395a348 Rename import script
afa9672 Fix parameter pipeline value
8ab2cca Add custom credentials functionality closes #11
e4f0dc8 Add all parameter to GetUnlinkedChanges cmdlet closes #6
fbe3993 Rename currentObject properties to a better name
69fbbcb Formalize output of GetUnlinkedChanges cmdlet
395f22c Unlinked changesets functionality done
fd978f1 WIP unlinked changesets committer details
2b5ffa2 WIP unlinked changesets filter by date
1fd0a87 WIP Unlinked Changesets
5ec61c3 Add documentation tool
ce19098 Add logo
c9a5587 Add GetWorkItemChangesets cmdlet
ae26005 Organize cmdlets
03bfb75 Created base TFSCmdlet that gets the project collection
e568a86 Add ChangesetCmdlet base class and GetChangesetFiles cmdlet
1574b8d WIP ZIP sql scriptsNeed to authenticate first
55ee822 WIP Unlinked changesWill be overwritten
4f20698 Add module manifest and script that can run when module is imported
e0d7434 Add verbose info to cmdlet
358d123 Add GetWorkItemAttachments cmdlet
90774d5 Rename cmdlet to make clear the functionality
10eb9ea Move common functionality to base class
de18ebb Add cmdlet to get SQL script files that are attached to work items fixes #3
18a6db0 Add work items as a value to GetWorkItemFiles cmdlet output
05c5dac Remove debugging code left in
9b97f58 Allow compile in VS 2013
780766e Refactor to have a base WorkItemCmdlet
dd5879e Update usage in README
d638013 Show Download count of latest release.
238ffa7 Show work status as badges in README
94a8307 Switch to allow multiple work item ids. Closes #7
c9b529d Auto format fix
2a67ba6 Update README to describe ready count
8086e3e Merge pull request #8 from waffle-iron/ Badge
3bfa67c add badge
237f4fc Create


  • Download the release
  • Make sure the file is unblocked.
  • Extract file
  • Open powershell and cd into folder where extracted files are. You can also install the module in one of the powershell module folders defined by your system.
  • Run the following code
Import-Module '.\TFS Release Notes.psd1'
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