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% OPAM-SWITCH(1) opam 0.6.0 | OPAM Manual % OCamlPro % 10/09/2012


opam-switch - Switch compiler version


opam switch -list

opam switch -current

opam switch <alias>

opam switch [-no-base-packages] -install <alias> [-alias-of <alias>]

opam switch -remove <alias>

opam switch [-no-base-packages] -clone <alias>


This command allows to switch between different compiler versions, installing the compiler if opam switch is used to switch to that compiler for the first time. The different compiler versions are totally independant from each other, meaning that OPAM maintains a separate state (e.g. list of installed packages...) for each. See the EXAMPLES section to learn how to use this command.


-list : Displays the list of available compilers.

-current : Displays the current compiler in use.

<alias> : Switch to the compiler version <alias>, installing it if it is not already installed. This is a shortcut to opam switch -install <alias>. The list of available versions is obtained by doing opam switch -list.

-install <alias> : Install a compiler version <alias>. See EXAMPLES.

-remove <alias> : Remove the compiler <alias>.

-clone <alias> : Install all packages installed in compiler <alias> into the currently selected compiler.


-no-base-packages : Will prevent opam switch from installing the base packages.

-alias-of <alias> : Will switch to compiler version <alias>, but use the name specified as an argument to -install instead of <alias>. This is useful to create multiple instances of the same compiler version. See EXAMPLES.


  • To install a brand new OCaml 4.00.0 and switch into it as the current compiler, do:
$ opam switch -install 4.00.0
  • To remove OCaml 3.12.1, do:
$ opam switch -remove 3.12.1
  • To install OCaml 4.00.0 under alias "foo" such that you will have two instances of OCaml 4.00.0, each with its own environment (i.e. list of installed packages, and so on):
$ opam switch -install foo -alias-of 4.00.0
  • To install in "foo" all packages that are installed in "4.00.0":
$ opam switch foo
$ opam switch -clone 4.00.0


Part of the opam(1) suite

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