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Handmade Language

A toy programming language compiler with LLVM backend:

  • The language is relatively low level - similar to C. It is imperative and supports:
    • procedural programming,
    • user defined data structures,
    • localy defined data structures and procedures,
    • basic type inference and more.
  • Mostly clean design: separate tokenizer, parser, semantic analysis and LLVM code generation middleware. Also code gen part builds as a separate dynamic library so in theory it should be easy to implement a different code generator based off of the same AST.
  • The code for the compiler is C-style with a bit of C++'isms here and there. I wrote it on a Mac and never ran it on other platforms. It should be mostly portable though.
  • The project contains an example on how to link hmlang program from C as a dynamic library. Actually the language itself doesn't include any standard library so you have to use C or asm if you want any side-effects (like printing) to occure.

See for some examples in hmlang itself. Try shell scripts included to build the compiler and compile/execute the example.

There are a lot of missing functionality and some interesting work-in-progress features (e.g. compile time code execution). I think the project serves as a good mostly complete example on how to make a compiler and use LLVM to generate native code. The 'Handmade' in the name is a tribute to Handmade Hero project. The work was also inspired by Jai programming language.


Toy programming language with structs, pointers, type inference, LLVM backend and cool syntax.



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