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File System Object Notation - construct json-like javascript objects from directory tree
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File System Object Notation - A function constructing json-like javascript objects from directory tree. Folders become JavaScript Objects. Files in a folder - properties of the object. As a result an fs tree

  • settings
    • foo
      • config.json
      • data.json
    • bar
      • config.json

will produce javascript objects:

 "foo": {
    "config": "config.json contents come here",
    "data": "and data.json contents"
  "bar": {
    "config": 1234

and dotted filenames are broken into multiple objects. For example reading settings:

  • settings
      • config.json
    • exam.ple.json

will result in

  "foo": {
      "config":"config.json contents"
    "ple": "exam.ple.json contents"

Example usage:

var SETTINGS_PATH = '/etc/nodeApp';
require('fson')(SETTINGS_PATH, function (error, settings) {
  //use settings
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