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// *************************************************************************
// * GSM TA/ME library
// *
// * File: gsm_event.h
// *
// * Purpose: Event handler interface
// *
// * Author: Peter Hofmann (
// *
// * Created: 7.6.1999
// *************************************************************************
#ifndef GSM_EVENT_H
#define GSM_EVENT_H
#include <gsmlib/gsm_sms.h>
#include <gsmlib/gsm_cb.h>
namespace gsmlib
// forward declarations
class GsmAt;
// event handler interface
class GsmEvent
// dispatch CMT/CBR/CDS/CLIP etc.
void dispatch(std::string s, GsmAt &at) throw(GsmException);
virtual ~GsmEvent() { }
// for SMSReception, type of SMS
enum SMSMessageType {NormalSMS, CellBroadcastSMS, StatusReportSMS};
// caller line identification presentation
// only called if setCLIPEvent(true) is set
virtual void callerLineID(std::string number, std::string subAddr, std::string alpha);
// called if the string NO CARRIER is read
virtual void noAnswer();
// SMS reception
// only called if setSMSReceptionEvent(...true...) is set
virtual void SMSReception(SMSMessageRef newMessage,
SMSMessageType messageType);
// CB reception
// only called if setSMSReceptionEvent(...true...) is set
// storage of CBM in ME is not supported by the standard
virtual void CBReception(CBMessageRef newMessage);
// SMS reception indication (called when SMS is not delivered to TE
// but stored in ME memory)
virtual void SMSReceptionIndication(std::string storeName, unsigned int index,
SMSMessageType messageType);
// RING indication
virtual void ringIndication();
friend class gsmlib::GsmAt;
#endif // GSM_EVENT_H
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