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Code for My Brain Capsule that runs in a Lambda
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Lambda on AWS for My Brain Bixby Capsule

This is half of an active Bixby Capsule in the marketplace, called "My Brain". This repo contains the AWS Lambda code. The Bixby capsule code is stored in the van.memory repo.

Storage Architecture

This repo contains code that runs in the Amazon Web Services lambda function, and it accesses the DynamoDB for storing and retrieving memories. In the diagram below, the code is this repository is represented everything inside the Lambda diamond.

The Dev Center, API Gateway, and Dynamo DB don't have any code of their own, but they do need configuration, see the tutorial mentioned below for how to do this.

Storage Architecture


Have a look at the Bixby Capsule with AWS Tutorial for details about how to configure AWS to make a capsule work like this one. That repository includes everything you need, and copious instructions.

This repository is under active development and may not reflect the easiest way to do everything, yet.


Run yarn install to make sure all the npm modules are loaded, including in the src folder.

Before this code can be deployed, you must create a lambda by the name brain-lambda in your AWS account. Also, you'll need to establish an AWS layer (see this article, anr run yarn layer to prepare the zip file you need).

To deploy new code to the AWS lambda, you need the AWS configuration (permissions), and run yarn deploy

To store a memory from the command line use yarn run memorize 'place statement text here'

To try a question from the command line use yarn run recall 'place question text here'

To list all memories from the command line use yarn run list

To see a report of how many people are using the capsule, use yarn run get-report

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