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Dotfile management using Dotbot. Structure of this repository is strongly inspired by vsund.


  • gdb
  • git
  • gpg
  • i3-gaps
    • conky
    • dust
    • i3-blocks
    • i3-contrib
    • rofi
    • teiler
    • xbindkeys
  • mpd
  • ncmpcpp
  • python
  • termite
  • tmux
    • tmuxinator
  • vim
  • zsh


~$ git clone --recursive .dotfiles

For installing a predefined profile:

~/.dotfiles$ ./install-profile <profile> [<configs...>]
# see meta/profiles/ for available profiles

For installing single configurations:

~/.dotfiles$ ./install-standalone <configs...>
# see meta/configs/ for available configurations

You can run these installation commands safely multiple times, if you think that helps with better installation.


This software is hereby released into the public domain. That means you can do whatever you want with it without restriction. See LICENSE for details.