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Convert SageNB Notebooks

This is a tool to convert SageNB notebooks to other formats, in particular IPython/Jupyter notebooks.


pip install git+


sage -pip install git+


First, you want to list the existing notebooks. Each notebook has a unique id and a not necessarily unique name:

$ sagenb-export --list
Unique ID       | Notebook Name
admin:10        | Oxford Seminar (1,1)-Calabi Yau

You can specify notebooks by the ID or by name; If the name is not unique, the first notebook found in the filesystem wins. To convert it to a Jupyter/IPython notebook, use the --ipynb switch as in

$ sagenb-export --ipynb=Output.ipynb admin:10

You can then open the saved Output.ipynb via

$ sage --notebook=jupyter Output.ipynb


  • Various output formats are not supported, e.g. no pictures. The simplest solution is to re-evaluate.

  • SageNB html input cells are converted to Jupyter raw NBConvert cells; In the interactive Jupyter notebook these are not rendered as html but shown as their html source code. If you export to HTML (File -> Download as -> HTML) they are rendered as html, though.

Testing and Python Compatibility

  • The git-trac command supports Python 2.7, and 3.4+.
  • Most recent Travis CI test: Build Status