Libvirt script to keep a virtual machine running forever
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This is a script to help make a computation run forever, even if you need to reboot your computer. This works by making generational snapshots (by default: daily, weekly, and yearly) of a KVM virtual machine and restarting it as necessary. The script is meant to be run from cron periodically (say, hourly).

Each time the script runs,

  • The virtual machine is restarted from the latest snapshot if it is not running.

  • Any snapshot that is older than its configured maximum age is updated.


To configure it see the comments at the top of the script. Alternatively, you can put your configuration into a file named in the working directory.

Creating the Virtual Machine

Snapshots require a suitable image file format, recommended is qcow2. For example, to create a new vm in the default storage pool just run

virt-install --name="ImmortalSageWorker" --ram=4096 --vcpus=8 --hvm \
    --disk pool=default,size=5,format=qcow2 \


For Fedora:

yum install virt-viewer virt-manager libvirt-python

For Ubuntu:

apt-get install virt-viewer virt-manager python-libvirt


BSD 2-Clause