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A SOM engine calculator provided with a rich client side
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A SOM engine calculator provided with a rich client side. Visit for API reference and videos.

The easiest way to use the software is to download the latest release and run it. If you wish to look at the source code, modify the code, or if there is no compiled version for your computer system, the steps are:

  • Download the Processing environment, version 2.2.1 on and run it. It will create a new "processing" folder on the system to load programs (called sketches) and software libraries.

  • Copy the entire contents of the "lfsom/contents" folder to the just automatically created "processing" folder. In the Processing environment you can select the sketch LFSOM to run, modify, and generate a compiled program for your desired computer system. LFSOM has been tested on Mac OS X, 64-bit Linux, and 64-bit Windows.

  • To modify the library of internal computations, make the necessary changes in the source file and generate a file called "lfsom.jar". Replace the older "lfsom.jar" in the "libraries" folder into the Processing installation folder.

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