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Sails JS hook to add async background jobs, using agenda (
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Sails JS hook to add async background agenda.

This project use "agenda" as the job engine

Agenda is a light-weight job scheduling library for Node.js. And it's use mongodb. a

This hook has been tested with sails 0.12.3


npm install sails-hook-jobs


Copy this configurations file and save it to config/jobs.js

 * Default jobs configuration
 * (
 * For more information using agenda in your app, check out:
 */ = {

  // Where are jobs files
  "jobsDirectory": "api/jobs",

  // agenda configuration.
  // for more details about configuration,
  // check
  "db": {
    "address"    : "localhost:27017/jobs",
    "collection" : "agendaJobs"
  "name": "process name",
  "processEvery": "10 seconds",
  "maxConcurrency": 20,
  "defaultConcurrency": 5,
  "defaultLockLifetime": 10000

How to define and schedule jobs

Simply create a js file (name ending with Job.js, eg: myJob.js) in api/jobs or in the 'jobsDirectory'. (coffee script supported.)

module.exports = function(agenda) {
    var job = {

        // job name (optional) if not set,
        // Job name will be the file name or subfolder.filename (without .js)
        //name: 'Foo',

        // set true to disabled this job
        //disabled: false,

        // method can be 'every <interval>', 'schedule <when>' or now
        //frequency supports cron strings
        frequency: 'every 5 seconds',

        // Jobs options
        //options: {
            // priority: highest: 20, high: 10, default: 0, low: -10, lowest: -20
            //priority: 'highest'

        // Jobs data
        //data: {},

        // execute job
        run: function(job, done) {
            console.log("Foo job executed");
    return job;

What you get ?

Once the hook started, you will have a new global object 'Jobs' wich is the instance of Agenda engine.

You can use it like that'jobname', data)
Jobs.schedule('tommorrow at noon', 'jobname', {})

All found jobs with a run function will be defined and all jobs with freq will be sheduled.

Problems to solve

  • How to stop agenda correctly on sails lowering ??
  • Purging jobs ??
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