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Base16 for

These profiles bring the base16 colors to the Terminal of macOS.


Just open the downloaded profiles folder in the Finder (or profiles-256 if your Terminal supports the ANSI-256 colorspace), select the profiles you want to install, right-click on the files and click Open. (Otherwise, Gatekeeper might complain.)


Since .terminal files contain a bunch of settings in addition to the color definitions, you probably want these profiles to inherit all settings from a profile of your choice.

  1. Download my fork of the base16 Builder.

  2. In Terminal, choose Shell > Export Settings… and save the file into the folder you just downloaded. (You can also export profiles in the Profiles section of the Preferences window.)

  3. Execute the following commands. (Replace “MyProfile” with the name of your profile.)

cd ~/Downloads/base16-builder-php-master  # the folder you downloaded in step 1
composer install  # depends on your Composer setup
php Builder.php update
php Builder.php -p "MyProfile.terminal"
cd templates/terminal-app/profiles  # or profiles-256 if your Terminal supports the ANSI 256 colorspace
open *.terminal  # or whichever profiles you like


Tomorrow Night profile

For this screenshot, I used Tomorrow Night with DejaVu Sans Mono for Powerline (12pt) as font, along with Prezto (my favorite Zsh configuration framework).

Tip: You can also download my personally customized set of profiles, which use exactly this font and come with a few improvements over the default profiles, such as a pretty complete list of bindings for modifier keys (taken from this GitHub repository).