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RGB and luminosity values from a sunrise in Chicago.
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Chicago Sunrise Data


This data set contains colors and brightness levels recorded during a sunrise in Chicago on October 3rd, 2016. Brightness was recorded as luminosity (lux), with the colors of the sky and the water recorded as RGB values. Color names are also included for a large portion of the data set. The data set was collected as part of a joint class between the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University called Data as Art.


There are five locations in the data set, each a spot due east of a particular red line stop. The locations are labelled according to the red line stop that is west of where the data was recorded. The sun rose at 6:50am during the data collection period.

More Information

You will see some variation in the data from location to location due to the manner in which the data was recorded. Some sections have missing data, and others have repeated values.

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