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Cookiecutter - Template for MNRAS Paper

An easy, reasonably standardized, but flexible template for creating paper for the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Requirements to use the cookiecutter template

  • Python 2.7 or 3.5 and above
  • Cookiecutter Python package >= 1.4.0: This can be installed with pip by or conda depending on how you manage your Python packages:
$ pip install cookiecutter


$ conda config --add channels conda-forge
$ conda install cookiecutter

To start a new project, run:


For an example on how to properly do this, see the following video. It serves as a demonstration on how cookiecutter works.


The resulting directory structure

The directory structure of your new project looks like this:

├── Extras <- Folder with documents like main `aliases`, `packages`, etc.
│    ├── commands.tex <- List of commands used throughout the paper.
│    └── packages.tex <- List of packages to load for the paper.
├── Figures <- Directory for project figures.
│    └── .gitkeep
├── Paper
│    ├── mnras.bst                             <-- MNRAS bibliography style file.
│    ├── mnras.cls                             <-- MNRAS class file.
│    └── paper.tex                             <- Main TeX file for compiling.
├── Script_files
│    ├──
│    ├── hyperlink-year-only-natbib-patch.tex. <- File that fixed the bibliography style.
│    └──
├── Section_files
│   ├── 01_abstract.tex                        <-- File for the 'abstract'.
│   ├── 02_introduction.tex                    <-- File for the 'Introduction'.
│   ├── 03_data_methods.tex                    <-- File for the 'Data and Methods'.
│   ├── 04_results.tex                         <-- File for the 'Results'.
│   ├── 05_summary_discussion.tex              <-- File for the 'Summary and Discussion'.
│   └── 06_acknowledgements.tex                <-- File for the 'Acknowledgements'.
├── .gitignore                                 <- File that dictates which files to ignore when using `git`.
├── Makefile                                   <- Makefile with command, i.e. `make main.tex` or `make clean`
├──                               <- File with input parameters for the `Makefile`.
├── Mendeley.bib                               <- Bibliography of the project. You can replace this file if needed.
├──                                  <- The top-level README for students
├── LICENSE                                    <- License used for the distribution of the paper.
└── requirements.txt                           <- File with a list of packages required for running this.


Contributions are welcomed! If you have any suggestions, feel free to submit a Pull Request.

Installing development requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt


A project template for writing papers to the MNRAS Journal




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