Learning github and simulating evolution
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Learning github and simulating evolution

#################### Hello World!

The purpose of this repository is (1) play around with and learn github, and

(2) Create a quick and dirty simulation of an evolving diploid population to demonstrate Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (and what happens when you violate some key assumptions).

I'm taking a class on teaching careers/methods and we're discussing classes we would like to teach and potential learning outcomes. I'm thinking about a class called "Programming and Quantitative Methods in Biology", and an exercise could be simulating an evolving population and observing the resultant biology. That is, generating the biology --> seeing the phenomena --> and then learning the concepts, as opposed to learning concepts first and it's just a word or an idea and you don't really SEE it.

For this exercise I'm picturing students systematically violating Hardy-Weinberg assumptions and seeing/learning what happens. For instance, imagine setting an initial population size low and seeing the "fortuitous extinction of genes" just due to random sampling of genotypes- you just discovered drift!

This is an experiment in and of itself.

More info here: http://vcannataro.com/2015/02/22/generating-biology/