An integration of Caliburn.Micro with Telerik's Silverlight controls: conventions, window manger, ...
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A library containing Caliburn.Micro conventions for Telerik's visual controls. Also contains some other stuff, like implementation of IWindowManager for RadWindow, helpers & extensions for Telerik's Prompt Dialogs.

Target platforms: Silverlight and WPF.

Contains also an Examples folder with sample projects to demo and test conventions and the rest of the stuff.

Nuget package

Is the quickest way to use the library. Check out the Caliburn.Micro.Telerik package. Includes both versions for Silverlight & WPF.

Compile the source code

If you want to compile projects from sources, be sure to have Telerik's components installed & verify assembly references.

How to use the code

You can either copy required classes in your solution or install Caliburn.Micro.Telerik package using nuget.

How to enable conventions

In your app's bootstrapper, in Configure override add next line: