GitHub on Windows Phone 7. Sample application demonstrating using of Caliburn.Micro for WP7 development
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mGitHub.SampleApp is a Windown Phone 7 sample application written using Caliburn.Micro. 

Application is provinding acces to projects and repositories on GitHub. 
You can navigate trough few preselected repositories and users/projects, 
see detais, view project contributors and few other features.

It started as a pet-project to try out development for WP7 using Caliburn.Micro.
All went so well so that now I am doing everything possible to offer a greater 
and better experience of working with GitHub on a Windows Phone 7 device. 				
I hope that very soon a new application will be available in 
Windows Phone Marketplace with an essentially improved experience and more features.

mGitHub.SampleApp source code will be hosted on GitHub so everyone interested 
in WP7 development will have one more sample project to explore when 
digging in development for WP7 platform.

Any feedback, bug reports and suggestions are always welcome.

The project is licenced under MIT licence.

See also credits.txt

The 'big brother' of this sample app, a full featured Windows Phone 7 client application
for github, is available in Marketplace. See for details.