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Impostor Roster

Contributions are very much welcome! I typically do a better job at making projects friendly to contributors, but this one sort of came out of nowhere. For now, here's a non-exhaustive list of stuff I'd like to do:


  • Pagination or some kind of separation of topics or something. Not too much though. I sort of like it being a big weird list. Perhaps infinite scroll. jsownz submitted this.
  • Allow users to enter Days, Months, Years or any combination in the form; display the same intelligently on the view.
  • Category auto-complete from existing categories in form
  • Search
  • Some kind of "Me Too!" button for posts that registers your own ineptitude for the same topic. Perhaps add your own length of experience and somehow show this (maybe as a total of all 'me toos' years of experience for the topic.). Would have to have a rough way to prevent spamming this. - Profanity filter?
  • Inappropriateness flagging?
  • Non-bootstrap styling!
  • Go through and get everything closer to Rails conventions (including things like partials, etc.)
  • Upgrade to Rails 5
  • More robust hosting situation
  • DB backups


- Until I skip recaptcha on develop, you'll need to get a reCAPTCHA account and add localhost to the list of domains in the account. ( Get the keys from there for the step below.

  • This app uses dotenv to manage secrets. You'll need to create a .env file at the project root and define a secret key there (rake secret is your friend) like this:
#.env living at application root

export RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY=thignsthigns
export RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY=thingsthings
export ADMIN_NAME=somenameforhttpbasicauth
export ADMIN_PASSWORD=somepasswordforhttpbasicauth
  • Pretty sure everything else is standard rails. clone, bundle, rake db:setup (there are some seeds).

Things to know

  • The admin section is handled by Administrate
    • Auth for this is just http basic auth for now. user and pass in the env


I keep a file and (attempt to) adhere to semver, if for no other reason than these things keep me alert. I'm using rake-version to maintain the VERSION file and I update the changelog manually as feature branches are merged, more or less. If you're contributing, all that is mostly irrelevant to you, but the branching stuff might matter:

  • keep your changes in feature branches created off develop and named like so: feature-[SOME-THING-OR-OTHER].
  • try to update the changelog with your changes, if you'd be so kind.

Easy. Those are eventually merged back into develop until it's time to open up a release branch - which is where the version bumps and any other last-minute fixes are made - which is then merged into master and back into develop.
All this doesn't really matter to you, though. Just open feature branches off of develop :)