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These are some bash scripts that I'd want to share between computers.

Check out and These function like config files.

The script will symlink each of the scripts in files.txt to ~/bin. Be sure you are ok with that! It will not create ~/bin for you or check for any other safety things that a more experienced bash scripter might do :) so use at your own risk. The lifeguard on duty today is the beach owner's nephew and his credentials are unverified.

You'll probably want to add $HOME/bin to your PATH as well, or else you'll have to call these scripts with ~/bin/script_name.

Things you must do to use this properly:

  • first make sure you are inside this repo.
  • probably create the ~/bin directory
  • create a file called directory.txt and have in it only the absolute path to this repo
  • create a file called files.txt and list within it the scripts you want installed, each on its own line.
  • chmod a+x
  • then run