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Ansible Role: buildiso

This role makes remastering Ubuntu images easier. There is support for copying your own files to the installation media, and to sync a Personal Package Archive (PPA) from Launchpad.


The role requires the python jmespath libraries and also the isohybrid, mkisofs and mksquashfs binaries (the latter if you use the PPA sync functionality). This role has only been tested by the author on Ubuntu 18.04.

Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml, tasks/main.yml and vars/main.yml):

Which Ubuntu image to fetch and customise, and where to place the resulting image. buildiso_image will be the result of buildiso_output with the name of the output image replaced by the input image.

buildiso_output: custom.iso
buildiso_image: disco-desktop-amd64.iso

Select which /preseed/<filename>.seed to modify by setting buildiso_preseed_name. You could change this to a different one, but you still need to alter your buildiso_menu to make use of it. To include additional your own content for the preseed file, use the variable buildiso_preseed_content. The content of the file /preseed/ubuntu.seed is default.

buildiso_preseed_name: ubuntu
buildiso_preseed_content: None

The boot menu of the image can be set to alternative options. There is no timeout in making the choice, and the default entry will be the default selection. buildiso_menu_hd provides the option to boot from the first hard disk, and buildiso_menu_memtest lets the user start a memory test.

  - name: 'Try Ubuntu without installing'
    label: live
    preseed: ubuntu
  - name: 'Install Ubuntu'
    cmdline: only-ubiquity
    label: live-install
    preseed: ubuntu
  - name: 'OEM install (for manufacturers)'
    cmdline: 'only-ubiquity'
    pkgconf: 'oem-config/enable=true'
    preseed: ubuntu
  - name: 'Check disc for defects'
    cmdline: integrity-check
    label: check
buildiso_menu_hd: true
buildiso_menu_memtest: true

List of files to copy on to the image, if wanted. You only need to specify src if you are happy with the defaults.

  src: random_file.txt
  dest: ^-- same as src
  mode: preserve

The buildiso_name variable sets the volume ID when generating the ISO file.

buildiso_name: Ubuntu

If something went wrong, but the role will not pick up enough changes to actually build the images, you can now define buildiso_forcebuild to make it always run the build tasks.

When you require extra packages, this role provides support for syncing a PPA (Personal Package Archive) if the buildiso_ppa variable is set. It uses the standard ppa:team/ppa structure. See the example playbook to see how you would synchronise the Ansible Stable PPA.

Role Tags

If you specify the cleanup tag when running ansible-playbook, we will unmount and remove all the temporary directories.

Example Playbook

- hosts: localhost
  become: true
    - { role: vcc_caeit.build_iso, buildiso_ppa: ppa:ansible/ansible }



Author Information

This role was created in 2019 by Nafallo Bjälevik, whilst doing consultancy work for Volvo Cars Corporation.