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iOS RadioButton control that has the ability to use Radio Button groups
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This project is created as an alternative option for a radio button in iOS.


  • Natural looking radio button as those found in most desktop and web applications
  • Ability to skin the radio button with the preferred colors of your application
  • Ability to group various radio buttons together
  • iOS 6 coded
  • Universal support (iPhone + iPad)
  • Lightweight, simple and readable code. No images required.


  1. Bring the VCRadioButton folder into your project.
  2. In your UIViewController, import VCRadioButton.h and then add radio buttons to your view either through initializing them in code or using a simple UIView in IB.
  3. Create individual code blocks for each radio button or one for them all to share in order to capture the selection event.


Demo project included to show the simplicity of using the radio buttons as a group or individually.


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