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JBoss Data Virtualization Simple Muti-Datasource Demo

This demo project deals with a simple scenario of two disparate data sources:

  • US Customers database in MySQL, total # of records 17
  • EU Customers database in Postgres, total # of records 18

The view table Customers.all_customers does a UNION of these two tables and one can notice getting a total of 35 records back when the following query is run

select * from Customers.all_customers


  • JBoss Data Virtualization runtime (EAP 6.4 + JDV 6.2 combo) installed and patched (if any)
  • JBoss Developer Studio 8.1.0.GA with Integration Stack and JBoss Data Virtualization Development plugins installed


  1. Import the project and open the project in Teiid Designer
  2. Refer to the document in the drivers folder, download and save them in the same folder
  3. Highlight/Select both the drivers, right-click and choose Mark as Deployable.
  4. Right-click on the dvdemo.vdb and choose Modeling → Execute to push the drivers and setup the datasources on the JDV runtime
  5. You may be prompted for password for both US_Customers and EU_Customers, use dvuser as the password in each case
  6. For any further changes to the models, resynchronize the contents in the dvdemo.vdb and Execute the VDB for testing

Note: Since the project does not contain relevant database connection profiles (those which typically exist in the workspace) that can be reused to preview the individual source tables, it is important to first run the step #4 in the above list to be able to push the JDBC drivers to the running JDV runtime before planning on previewing the source tables.