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Support for writing loop-based code that executes both on CPU and GPU


GPUifyLoops is a registered package, and can be installed using the Julia package manager.

(v1.1) pkg> add GPUifyLoops

Note: The current version of this package requires Julia 1.1.


Debugging failures to transforma a function for the GPU requires the use of Cthulhu.jl.

using Cthulhu
using GPUifyLoops

# @launch CUDA() f(args...)
descend(GPUifyLoops.signature(f, args...)...)


In order to test this package locally you need to do:

julia --project=test/gpuenv
julia> ]
(gpuenv) pkg> resolve
(gpuenv) pkg> instantiate

This will resolve the GPU environment, please do not checking changes to test/gpuenv/. Then you can run the tests with julia --project=test/gpuenv test/runtests.jl


GPUifyLoops.jl is licensed under MIT license.

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