Laravel - Multiple Language Manipulate Demo
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Multi Language Manipulate Demo


This application helps to manipulate labels, dropdown values, string, content on the basis of language change.Values will be display automatically from the database or language files using helpers.


Please check the official laravel installation guide for server requirements before you start. Official Documentation

Clone the repository

git clone

Switch to the repo folder

cd multiple-language-manipulate

If you have linux system, you can execute below command only in your project root

1) sudo chmod -R 777
2) ./

If you have windows system, you can run Artisan Command for database setup, connection and configuration.

php artisan install:app

Please add proper information while performing above command.

or you can setup manually using below command

Run the database migrations and seeder(Set the database connection in .env before migrating)

php artisan migrate

php artisan db:seed

Default languages in this application

en :- English (By default)
it :- Italy
gr :- Germany

Start the local development server

php artisan serve

http:://[your_port] (By default english lang loaded)

http:://[your_port]/it (For italy)

http:://[your_port]/gr (For germany)

Kye points before using this feature

Please check composer.json file in which you have to define 'helpers.php' file and 'database' folder path.

Review config/config-variables.php file.

Review config/table-variables.php file.

Review resources/lang folder.

Review migrations of 'industry sector' which contain langauge specific column. 

Application contain example

In this application you will find 'industry sector' model, migration and seeder.
You can review this industry sector demo and check each helpers functions.

Helper functions

dbTrans function used to fetch language specific column from the table.

if (!function_exists('dbTrans')) {

     * @param string $lang
     * @param string $tableName
     * @return string
    function dbTrans(string $lang, string $tableName)
        return $lang.'_'.config('table-variables.field_post_fix.'.$tableName);

pluckDBTrans function used to fetch values of language specific column from the table.

if (!function_exists('pluckDBTrans')) {

     * @param $query
     * @param string $fieldName
     * @return mixed
    function pluckDBTrans($query, string $fieldName)
        return $query->where($fieldName, '!=', null)
            ->pluck($fieldName, 'id')

labelManipulate function used to display value of specific key from language files on the basis of selected language.

if (!function_exists('labelManipulate')) {

     * @param string $configFileName
     * @param string $key
     * @return array|bool|\Illuminate\Contracts\Translation\Translator|null|string
    function labelManipulate(string $configFileName,string $key)
        try {
            return trans($configFileName.'.'.$key);
        } catch (\Exception $ex) {
            return false;


English Language


Italy Language


Germany Language



Feel free to create any pull requests for the project. For proposing any new changes or features you want to add to the project, you can send us an email at or


If you come across any issues please report them here.


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